Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Uses for Things You NEVER Use

There are so many fun and creative ways to update old household items taking up space in your house.  When you get the spring cleaning itch we want to encourage you to look at the items you have accumulated in  you life.

You should have a:
1) Donate box or give-a-way pile. 
2) Update box, these things that may need fixing, an updated fresh coat of paint or a quick transformation.
3) A recycling pile.
4) E-waste or other items that need special handling.
***If there still happens to be anything that would roll into the general section of "trash" double check to make sure it shouldn't be in any of the above categories ;)

Here are some things to do with the items that you NEVER use that are way too good for the trash. 

Cinephile Movie Journal

Do you have a ton of VHS cassettes that you are saving even though you have a Blu-ray player? Here is a fun way to put the sleeves to good use as a notebook -This way you can still donate the VHS tapes but hold on to the nostalgia. 

This Top Gun note book was one we made previously as a custom order on Etsy. The purchaser had a friend that was obsessed with Top Gun and they wanted to use all of the cover as the outside of the notebook. I bonded the cover to a scrap piece of card stock so that it was nice and secure to hold up as a note book. Other than that, it is a simple as making two cuts and inserting paper!

Fun for Foodies

If your neighborhood is anything like ours you get a TON of to-go menus pilling up. Seriously, I don't understand why these businesses waste the same menu on us multiple times. Then if you do order from them, they send you another menu like you didn't use one to order!!! Jeez! If you decide to clean up your menu drawer make some stationary for your foodie friends.

You can trace an envelope you have and like to make your own. If you want a more substantial template here are some on Etsy

Give yourself a fun fashion update!

Maybe in your pile you have an old purse, shoes, or jacket that was once your favorite that could use some simple decoration to bring back your old feelings. Sometimes a new coat of paint or some added flourishes is all you need to have a "new" item. Rehab items you are not using as a fun weekend project instead of hitting the mall. It is a far more rewarding feeling telling someone who compliments a piece of your outfit that you made it vs. say "thanks, I bought it at [insert pricey store here]."

With the simple addition of buttons this clutch went from boring to fabulous without breaking the bank!

Make Something Out of Nothing

If you are a crafter then you know the busy craft fair season is fast approaching! Upcycle the air bubble packaging often in shipping for your own branded shopping bags with this tutorial here.

Here is a quick product round up for other household items you may have around that you can Upcycle:
Regular Dryer Sheets, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Potato Chip Bags, Old T-Shirts, Paper Coffee Sleeves, Toilet Paper Rolls, Bottle Caps, Wine Corks, and Crystal Light Containers.

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