Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How-To's Day: Upcycled Coffee Sleeves & Tags

First things first, I thought Lana Del Rey was horrible at first when she performed "Video Games" on SNL this past weekend, but I was totally intrigued.  Then, Kevin tried to test me with "Blue Jeans" to see if I would like it- and I was hooked! My mom is a HUGE Kate Bush fan. In fact sometimes I wonder how KC stuck and she didn't force Kate on me as my nickname ;) The first thing out of my mouth when Kevin was teasing me for getting into it was how much it reminded me of Kate and how I think my mom would totally flip for Del Rey!!! 

Anyway, the style of her "copyright infringement-riddled, self-made music videos" as Yahoo put it here, are awesome and I can not stop putting them on repeat!  

Here is my favorite for you to enjoy while making some projects:

Now to the projects. I like to save everything. I mean everything. Here are a couple of tricks to jazz up packaging using old tags and coffee sleeves. Yes, these are some easy "projects" but  maybe it will be just the thing to perk up some leftovers from the holiday season.  Plus, it is a good way to get ahead of the curve to use these tricks to start Valentine's trinkets.

Take some old tags and stickers...

...to make small attachment cards and cute notes:

Those paper coffee cup sleeves make a great holder for small objects and books! All you need to do is sew across the bottom to create the pocket: 

You can stamp on the sleeve if there isn't already an awesome message on it like this one :) You can paint them, put stickers on them and all kinds of upgrades to the paper sleeve to decorate it for any occasion-

Once you wrap it with a ribbon these things make a super great package for all occasions:

These are a fun jumping off point. I'd love to see what you come up with if you trick out your sleeves and tags too :)


  1. Super cute way to give gift cards! I always feel lame giving them - this makes it feel like you actually did put love and thought into the gift... very cool idea.

  2. Why thank you! I am Always a glutton for praise :) Let us know if you try some out with gifts you give too!


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