Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy MLK Day Everyone!

 I hope everyone had a stellar day this MLK day!

This weekend I traveled down to San Pedro for a CRAFTED vision session on Saturday and I got a chance to see the Aquarium with my gals afterwards. I really, really was inspired by how beautiful all the colors of the touch tanks. I don't think I have seen such great purples and oranges in a touch tank before!!!  For more info on the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium here's a link.

Big day today- I jogged for the first time in forever today. I am super excited that it just got an inkling to go and forced myself to go out and run. It was GREAT! I thinking going on a hike yesterday afternoon was the kick in the butt I needed to finally get my physique on. I have really let myself slip since I gave myself the lazy pass after my shoulder accident- before my surgery my doctor said I shouldn't jog b/c my hand would go numb. This time it definitely didn't go numb so that is pretty exciting :) I am so glad to finally be feeling better and pushing myself past laziness.  I want to look back on the photos from Ale's wedding and feel smokin' hot!!! Let's hope the exercise will start giving me the added energy I need to get everything done soon. (That happens right? LOL)

(With this little thing around how am I ever supposed to work!)
I have been horrible at avoiding the things I have to do versus I am enjoying doing.  One of the pitfalls of working for yourself is you can allow yourself to do "helpful things" that still aren't helpful- Like my favorites: Organizing the house, pinning to Pinterest, reading blogs and helpful books.  Such great helpful things to fill my time with that still isn't what I "should" be doing.  Honestly, why can't I have explained to the teenage me that finding time to read is harder than you think. I would have been happy to sit home and read back then if I had known. 

I have a TON of Craft books I got over the Holidays that I can't wait to dive in and make some projects :) I will make sure to show off some reviews and my favorite books soon.  We are almost done rearranging the house and both Kev and I's studios are so much easier to navigate in now that we have gotten supplies stored nicely.
Have you gotten your New Year, New organizing done? Or are you a Spring Cleaning type of person? I'd love to hear what works for you!

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