Friday, January 13, 2012

What I Wore- Friday the 13th 2012

Last night Kevin and I went to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which has been on my list big time! I found myself actually wanting to be older when before the holidays some guy was standing outside the Theater getting people for the screener, but he was looking for 35-42 year olds :( Oh well, we had purchased some tickets at Costco where it was pre-purchase BOGO tickets so last night was "free". The movie looked like it could be depressing/ a cry fest movie and I was surprised when Kevin asked me out of nowhere to go last night. I was in the right mood for it and psyched to go.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Poster

Usually my deal is I read the books before going to the movie and I did not read this book even though it was on my list. If I had, I think I would be better emotionally prepared for the movie, but instead this is what I started my Friday looking like/ What I Wore today:
Being sick this week plus crying for 2 hours has left me looking like a puffy mess! 
If I had a cucumber I would try that on my eyes because I can't get them to settle down at all.

The Movie is inspired by the book of its namesake by Jonathan Safran Foer. Here is a book review post from a blogger that's a total spoiler but will tell you the plot overview. In the movie the son Oskar and his dad print out business cards and from the exert I found bellow the movies streamlined his ego.

Oskar's Non- Modest Card (from booksandboston)
Here is what I would have on my card:
Artist, Environmentalist, Cinefile, Blogger, Event Planner, Career Hi-Fiver, Helper of the Bride, Display Artist, Consultant, Vampire Book Reader, Etsy Artisan, Upcycler, Friend, Merchandiser, Teacher, Amateur Photographer, Amateur Interior Designer, Amateur Life Coach, Collector of: pressed coins, stamps,magazines, craft books, useful tools, owls, vintage dresses, cook books (even though I rarely use them), large shoes, and other items that inspire me.                                                         E-Mail:
Home Phone: Private/ Cell Phone: Private
Fax Machine: I don't have a fax machine 
I would love to know what your card would say!  The movie also has an awesome journal that Oskar records his journeys in. The book is so pro and really inspiring! It has everything recorded in it including pop-ups to enhance the images. Part of Oskar's deal is he records everything and plans everything out and he ends up with a sick journal. I would love to know who the super duper book artist is who made the book for the movie. If any one knows the information on who made the artsy journal in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close I would love to know it. I am a fan of their work for sure! I would love to "take a page from his book" and journal more like him.

Over all there were things that really inspired me in the movie. It was a very well made film. The story was respectful and heartwarming in my opinion- props to the novelist for that one. I don't have time to go on a tangent about my opinion on 9/11 because I am very moved by 9/11 and I think that for future generations this is a great way to depict the realness of 9/11 in a movie. I saw Remember Me the Robert Pattinson movie and thought that handled the September 11 subject manner very well for a young romance rebellion movie, but that is a fluff piece compared to E.L.& I.C.

Anyway, if you need a good cry or are really into the book- you won't be disappointed. I'd love to hear your thoughts and movie talk :)  XOXO, KC

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