Your trash is our treasure.

Donate your trash to Make Shop Live and receive:
♥ A 20% discount on any item in the store when you bring in a full shopping bag
♥ The satisfaction of knowing your trash will be put to good use!

Why donate for UPCYCLING rather than RECYCLING?
Upcycling finds a new purpose for unwanted items before tossing them in the garbage! It takes disposable things and creates something useful from them. When you upcycle, there’s no need to recycle your trash in the traditional sense, which requires energy and resources.

You can drop off items at our store at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles. You can also arrange to drop them off at our studio or mail them to us by contacting makeshoplive{at}ymail.com.

Some items that we always need include:

Jar Lids 

Pickles, spaghetti sauce, juice lids, jams--you name it! The wider one's are a real treat but they are all some of the most time consuming to collect, so any help is appreciated!

Pop Tabs and Aluminum Cans

We've created our famous "reinbeers" out of these and also use pop tabs in many of our tutorials and projects.

Shirts and Fabric Scraps

These go into making lots of things like totes and bows!

45 Records and Sewing Machine Bobbins

We use these to create accessory stands that are always a hit. We especially love colored vinyl and will also custom make a stand for you out of your records. 

We are also are always on the hunt for:

♥ Toilet paper tubes
♥ Old gift cards/ plastic cards
♥ Magazine subscription cards
♥ Metal clothes hangers
♥ Empty spray bottles, lotion bottles and soap bottles
♥ Spice bottles
♥ Anything else you think could be put to good use
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