Believing emotionally and intellectually in sustainability is one thing... 
But committing to living an eco-conscious lifestyle is the first step in making a better life and a better world for everyone- effortlessly. 

We aim to inspire and never want to come off preachy- Sometimes it is hard when you are so passionate about doing the right thing environmentally. There are little things that everyone can do within their daily life that can and will make a difference.  

It is our hope that while we are on our personal crusade to lower our carbon footprint and forge a greener, waste-less lifestyle we can inspire and inform others of a wonderful way to LIVE.

We love to hear how you incorporate green practices--the tricks of the trade of everyday life. Please feel free to post all types of comments for all of our readers to get inspired by too!

Guest Blogging
We both love to feature guest bloggers and also guest blogs for other sites. We would just ask that your blog is a "yes" to one of the following:
1) Does it promote the local?
2) Does it encourage the thoughtful?
3) Does it help people live better?

Please email Sharon, our Outreach Director, if you are interested: sharonifain@gmail.com

Product Reviews
Most of the reviews on this site are of products I have purchased myself, but we are always open to  reviewing products that have been sent to us to try (though we can never promise a good review). Please contact Outreach Director Sharon for more details: sharonifain@gmail.com

Blog Statistics

-Approximately 2,700-3,000 visitors a month
-Popular posts involve weddings, DIY decor and paper crafts
-All blog posts get tweeted and posted to the Make Shop Live Facebook page and Pinterest.

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