KC Cooper Sears: Owner and Creative Director
Maker and collector of things. Weaved into KC's creative processes is a thoughtfulness that considers our planet and our future. In college at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), she met her husband Kevin who has become a great partner in life and in business. Along with Kevin, she's scooping up friends with smarts, creativity and passion to assist her as she transforms Make Shop Live into a lifestyle for people that embraces process over product and encourages thoughtful living.
Kevin Sears: Owner and Operations Director
Kevin is passionate and creative and his skill set is completely complimentary to mine. He's Make Shop Live's #1 salesman and Chief Executive Encourager. His visual effects degree from SCAD also means he's the tech brains of the operation.
Sharon Fain: Outreach Director
Sharon's been helping unofficially since the beginning as our largest supplier (she's been bringing me bags of "trash" for years) and now officially helps with communication and outreach. As this business gets bigger, she'll be helping keep things on track.

Friends and Family
Miss Gypsy is not our best employee,
but she certainly is our snuggliest.
None of our products could be made without all of our friends and family collecting supplies and helping us better the earth one piece of "trash" at a time.

In a nutshell Make Shop Live is about living a lifestyle that's creative, supportive, fun and socially responsible all at the same time. We love making friends with others
who also appreciate the unique, handmade and community-oriented. You're welcome to join us on this adventure!

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