Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How-To's Day: Chip Bag Pouch

After the super bowl you may be polishing off that big bag of chips you got for the gang thinking- Hmmmm, this doesn't seem like it will ever break down in the landfill... I am sure they take forever!

First thing, clean your bag thoroughly and let dry. 

Mark down from the edge of the opening and use the markings as a guide to cut the top even. Do the same for the bottom leaving the sides intact and both the top and bottom open.
Flip the bag inside out so that in this case, the silver side is out. Stitch across whichever end you want to be the bottom. Then flip back to the printed outside of the bag.

Once you flip it back to the right side- top stitch across the bottom.  Turn the top on itself like a hem and top stitch there too.

If you haven't started using velcro on everything- here is a great time to start your obsession! It is so easy to use and is awesome for just about any project.  Cut ~2" piece of both the hook & loop strips and sew the loop side (fuzzy) down- centered ~1/2" below the top edge of the bag. Sew around the edges following the shape of the velcro in a rectangle.

Once you get the loop side down you can mark where to put the hook side on the back side on the bottom.  The bottom will wrap over the top to make a flap. This part is tricky to put in writing- but basically velco it together inside out so you can sew up the sides of the pouch.

Starting down from the top to accommodate the flap stitch down to the bottom. Do the same thing on the opposite side. Once you stitch both sides, flip once more and you are all done!

Here is what the finished pouch looks like:

 I think I will throw mine in my purse to hold coupons and to-do lists. :)

Happy Making!

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