Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I Wore: Friday 2/3/12

I found this sweet dress thrifting in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and I am really loving how bright and colorful it is:

These past few days have rushed past me! Multitasking on projects- seed paper for my EcoEtsy Team, rock candy, address books, and other Valentine's Day goodies has kept me so wrapped up. Between working on multiple tasks and a ton of errands I feel like I look at the time and a huge chunk of my day has vanished. It is wonderful and frustrating at the same time :) It has been so exciting working more and I appreciate everyone's patience while I figure out my working schedule and what works relaying info on the blog.  
Recently I have been getting a ton of new tutorials in line for February and I am really excited to be working on some new ideas. Since rock candy take at least 7 days to make, a tutorial with pictures is going to be a must on Tuesday.  Plus, in the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday- I hope to have some fun ways to upcycle chip bags for all those reminders of a diet breaking day in front of the TV.  Speaking of a diet breaking day in front of the TV... Head over to our Yummy board on Pinterest to see some last minute ideas to feed the gang at your Super Bowl Party tomorrow!

Yeah.... so I definitely got sucked into Pinterest for over an hour when I went to get the link to the Yummy! Board. Dang! That wasn't good of me :( That's what happens when you find yourself working late on a Saturday

I guess that's all for tonight. Time for bed! 

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