Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eco Spring Cleaning

Cleaning to me is not just about getting everything organized or dusting hard to reach places. It is taking the time to regroup, cleanup, and re-prioritize life's clutter.  It is amazing how much mental clarity comes from a good purge and deep cleaning. If you haven't been able to work in some natural cleaning products into your routine I strongly encourage trying some out when you start your spring cleaning.  Check out the above items from Etsy sellers if you'd like some sources for handmade cleaning products without making everything yourself.

Aaaaacccckkkkk!!! Help- time to clean.
Yesterday we posted some quick tips for getting rid of unwanted things while you do that deep clean. Plus, some way to find new uses for things you never use clogging up your house. Check it out if you want to here.

Helpful Cleaners & Products Round-Up:

DIY Laundry Detergent

If your laundry detergent is low, this time skip picking it up at the store and make some for your self. It is super easy to do and each load costs pennies in relation to the stuff in stores.

Thinking of making the switch to eco dryer sheets to go with your new detergent? Here are my thoughts on my favorite dryer sheets.

Let's real talk for a moment - Pinterest is pretty much 75%  food and DIY cleaners depending on who's boards you look at. Right!?!  I know I post them too! Check out Our Tips and Hints @ Home board for the proof. I love "planning projects" on Pinterest. The promise of projects being awesome is so exciting!!! 

The rare outcome is you get all excited about a project and its a total bust. Don't waste your time trying out some cleaning that may leave you with a not-so-exciting feeling. Here are some thoughts in our section Pinned: Success or Fail? 

If you just want to get to work cleaning with the most basic household items that are amazing green cleaners, check out tips on cleaning with just vinegar and also with baking & washing soda here on a previous blog post

Best wishes on your cleaning endeavor! XOXO, KC

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