Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pinned: Success or Fail? Alvin Corn Cleaner

Today is the first post of a new segment... Pinned: Success or Fail? Now with so many DIYers trying things they pin on Pinterest it is so helpful to get the results & reviews they found. Which pins are awesome and what are your thoughts while trying out the things you are inspired by?

Alvin Corn Cleaner in refillable bottle
Pinned: Success or Fail? Alvin Corn Cleaner
I’m a DIYer mostly out of laziness and cost. Example: I started making my own Febreeze because I have a dog and go through it like whatever it is that people go through things quickly. Making it saves me multiple trips to Target each month and a lot on buying bottles of Febreeze (which isn’t cheap). I have also been making my own household cleaner out of vinegar and water. Super easy. But I’m not really thrilled about the smell and it could do better cutting grease. So when I came across this recipe for “Alvin Corn” cleaner (called that because it uses alcohol, vinegar and cornstarch) on Pinterest, I was intrigued. The pinner who pinned it raved about it. I had to try it and decided to share with you all whether this is a Pin Fail or a Pin Success.

Alvin Corn Recipe

1/4 c. rubbing alcohol
1/4 c. white vinegar
1 Tbsp cornstarch
2 c. warm water

Results: Pin Fail (mostly)
I followed the instructions and tried to mix it really well, but to no avail. The cornstarch clogs up the bottle and drips everywhere. I tried removing the filter at the bottom of my bottle, but that just made it worse. It is super annoying. However, the cleaner itself does seem to work better that just vinegar and water. The problem is just getting it out of the bottle. From now on I will just pour it on a rag to use it. This recipe filled up most of my bottle, so I’ve got a lot left to go through. But when it’s done I will try to do the recipe with either far less or no cornstarch.

Alvin corn photo where you can see the sediment
What about you? What’s your favorite homemade cleaning solution?

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