Monday, March 26, 2012

Just Back from the 1st Ever Craftcation Confrence

I am back from the Craftcation Conference and somehow managed to wind up with a TON of stuff as seen below:
The best part is not only did I meet some really great people and get hella Jazzed about what is on the horizon for new "calls for action" here at Make Shop Live, but- I also wound up with a bunch of super awesome and helpful things. It was such a wonderful time that I can't wait to bust my butt organizing this disaster in my living room so I can tell you all about it in better detail. Seriously I love going to conferences and this one was by far my favorite!!!! I could probably stretch all the info into a months worth of blog posts since I learned so much from it so streamlining it is going to be interesting :) 

Our newsletter is coming up later this week and will cover behind the scenes of the conference- make sure you sign up to receive the inside scoop here. I will talk about what cool tools I have now added to my tool kit, some helpful things that sunk into my grey matter FINALLY! that I am going to reflect upon, and if I can start to dig through everything I took ~30 pages of notes it seems like soaking everything in :) Basically it was Paradise with knowledge & new friends! 

Speaking of new friends- we have all been tweeting up a storm. Check out the conversations here for the 140 character overviews and fun people to follow. Well, I guess I should keep plugging away. My husband, Kevin is still at work himself so I am trying to keep up the pace while he is hard at work too.
Nice meeting everyone at Craftcation!!!! Big thanks to everyone involved for providing somethings so amazing for us :) More details to come-

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