Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2nd Weekend in March Recap (PHOTOS)

My Modern Librarian Outfit for This is Your Library
Hi Y'all! I am all powered up from my biscuits and cheese grits this AM... 

Haha! Not. Yes, indeed I am a proud Southerner- but I do not indulge myself with Southern Stereotypes but every so often. If you wanna talk apple butter however--I'm there!

But seriously, I had no idea that somehow I would be poking fun at the GOP southern strategy, but hey- that's where my head is at today...

Back on topic. This weekend (and yesterday) was jammed packed and I wanted to highlight some of the fun to share with everyone. Did you have a stellar weekend yourself? I sure hope so!

Saturday night Sharon and I headed out to This is Your Library featuring John Salley, Colin Hanks, Mark Z. Danielewski AND design maven and creator of Unique LA Sonja Rasula!!! It was a super cool evening and I highly recommend grabbing some tickets to the next This is Your Library event. (FYI, this one sold out so nabbing them early is key!) 

One thing on the horizon the library is promoting that I found out about Saturday is The Stay Home and Read a Book Ball.  It is a pretty cool upcoming event that is a fantastic way to promote reading and support the Library. Wanna find out more? Go here.

This Sunday was the second Sunday of the month which means- Epic Flea Market at The Rose Bowl!!! With the time change and the late night the evening before, getting up to the flea market as an early bird wasn't an option... But nevertheless we were in perfect time to grab a beer and enjoy chasing down some fun finds.  We met up with our pals Klara and Tyson who just had their birthdays and were celebrating at the market. It was great trotting and weaving around the customers who bought furniture. It felt like everyone was toting wagons with their hauls for the day.

Speaking of Birthdays, when the vendors started tearing down their stalls at the Rose Bowl it was time for us to move on to higher ground for Sonja and Jon's Birthday Party Picnic at this fabulous hidden park. (Right by Dodger Stadium & the Police Academy

When we got up on Sunday it was FREEZING! It was cold again by around 4PM when we were hanging out at the park, but this black and red ensemble was a pretty heat retaining dress that ended up being perfect for the busy day of fun :)

Culminating all the fun was March's Monthly Monday Movie Night- CLUELESS! When fashion is just as pivotal to the plot as the funny catch phrases you have to dress up for all the fun.  Mad Props to Sonja and Hilda for their AH-Mazing Clueless Outfits! Bonus, for throwing such a fun way to celebrate Los Angeles and the Cinema that highlights its awesome-ness :) I haven't gotten a chance to sit down and watch the movie (Not on cable where is is edited more that I thought) since living in LA and the film blossomed into so much more for me last night. I think I could watch it daily and still not get tired of it! I was instantly transported back to the days when Clueless first came out and I think it was seriously one of the first movies that made me think "Where have you been all my life movies???" Shame on my dad for not being a bigger cinephile- but I can't see him sitting down to watch it with me either, lol.

AS IF (hehehe) there wasn't enough Birthday Cake eating this weekend, I definitely indulged in some Cake Bar treats and had this hella tasty Cake Pop sweetening my night into pure nirvana :)

Well, Guess its back to "normalcy" or as close to normal routine as possible. I have a BIG wedding in May that I need to get back to making bows for. Off to the grind!
Hope you enjoy! XOXO, KC

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