Friday, March 9, 2012

"Things I know to be true" A bit about myself today-

Here is a Gado Gado dress I wore to the CRAFTED BBQ a few weeks back. Thanks to Kev for the great picture!
So I thought I would share "Things I know to be true" about myself today-

*Sometimes I just don't feel like blogging. Or if I am in the mood, I want to get on a soapbox about something no one wants to hear me rant about... 

*Other times I just hate taking the time to put together a long post- I have carpel tunnel :( I want to just jump to the good stuff and my crafting ADHD sets in and I have a ton of drafted posts just waiting on me to get off tangent airlines and back to typing things up. Do you think if I got an iPhone Siri would type up my posts??? That would be ideal...

*I would rather promote others than myself.

*I like learning new things and exploring all types of mediums for new information- Creating connections to things and learning new processes while soaking up details.

*I can be simple minded, and easily entertained.

*Yes, I am a cat person- but dogs are cool too.

*I generally like being busy.

*I hate email. 

*If I have to do something, I don't enjoy it as much.

*I like College Basketball over the Pros- Teams in the ACC takes the cake.

*TV and Movies are my total weakness.

*I will probably always use awesome & amazing too much.

*Time to myself is nice- and I am more productive in the evening than just about any other time of the day.

*A good hearty beer (especially with pizza) is my favorite!

*I love my grandparents dearly. (I love all my family, but I think my GP are the bee's knees!)

*The fact that cursive is a "dying art" is depressing and ages me- I look for any reason to write in it.

*I love being an artist, but I think I like the term "creative" more.

*Telling the truth and being truly honest is a big deal to me. The older I get the more I realize people aren't as truthful with me (Or even themselves for that matter) as I am with them.
*That being said- since I assume everyone is being truthful, I can be very gullible.

* The above is different than naive- FYI.

*Catching up with or helping friends is a favorite past-time.

*I LOVE sending and receiving snail mail.

*I did not like the color blue for 25 years.

*Facebook freaks me out. I think it is an interloper in our lives and some people use it to sneaky stalk you. Plus, it tries to tell you things you just wouldn't normally know otherwise which is just bad form.

*I like labeling everything with my Ptouch :) God bless label makers! 

*If I could chose anything as my favorite thing to do- It would be going out to the movies with my hubby Kevin.

I am sure I could go on and on, but I felt a little "stuck" from posting and I thought this list could be a good way to share "me" some.  What would your list have one it? Do we share some similar interests?? I hope so!

Anyway, I am still in my pajamas... (yes- it is 7:30 and I haven't dressed myself. Don't judge me. Miss Gypsy thinks I look fabulous!) I have a HUGE weekend planned with a whole bunch of activities so I am going to share more than just what I wear on Friday- I am going to post what I wear all weekend instead!!!! Awesome right?!?

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