Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How-To's Day: DIY Green Laundry Tutorial

I have been collecting pins on making household cleaners on Pinterest. First up to try: LAUNDRY!

Washing Soda, Fels Naptha shredded with a non-food cheese grater and Borax is all you need for this DIY
After looking at all the different laundry detergent posts I found myself responding to this one I repinned from Sharon. I think I responded to it mostly because I thought it would look pretty in a fancy jar on the shelf.  Yes, I was a sucker for the visual.  But, I wanted to see if it would be easy to make and efficient to swap other detergents with it.You just need 3 simple ingredients that are very easily accessible. I walked to the Albertsons thinking I could very possibly leave without one of the three items- maybe it is only from specialty stores I thought... I was pleasantly surprised that I found everything I needed and purchased enough materials to do laundry for months and make a full range of household cleaners for under $16!!!

The fels-naptha bar grated easily! Some pins I have seen for other recipes stated "No Grating" and this process was not a hassle to me at all.  I am very excited after trying out this version to use other soaps and figure out my favorite recipe.  It looks to me like all bar soaps are fair-game after looking over reviews and tips from others.

 It kinda looks like saffron...

Once you process your soap down you add 1cup washing soda and 1cup Borax to each bar of fels-naptha. I shredded down two bars so for this mix I did 2 cups washing soda + 2 cups Borax.

Upcycling these jars from my favorite instant coffee to hold the soap in- I managed to fill 4 large containers and I have saved some small containers from take out/ various endeavors that I put a single use mixture in so you can just grab the pack and head to the laundry room. Super handy way to make it easy for hubby :)


It worked GREAT!!! I was skeptical but this was totally a project that I will keep up with! It doesn't create foamy bubbles. As seen above it is concentrated enough to only need a tablespoon per load. Personally I think using the soap shreds with powder worked just fine and I didn't want to cook soap... Not this time at least. I will have to try making the liquid type to say 100% this is the best way to do handmade soap, but as for now the powder worked awesome and the clothes look and smell fresh which is all that really matters to me. 

Try it out!!! It makes enough that you could share with a friend and swap for some homemade cleaner that they could make as a trade off. I think people should have old school get-togethers where they enjoy each others company and swap out modern day homestead items vs. spending a ton of money on chemicals and bug business. Just sayin'.

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