Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plant Trees for Earth Day

It might be because my grandpa is a Forester, but to me the month of April and especially Earth Day is always a great time to plant a tree.  What I have found in browsing the Earth Day excitement is a lot of people think planting a tree for Earth Day is old fashioned :( Seems  like everyone is celebrating Earth Day in all kinds of other ways, and tree planting isn't the main buzz. Personally I don't care what activity you participate in on Earth Day. Earth Day is a day to be thoughtful and reflective on this great gift of the Earth. It is a time to consciously give back to the Earth as a thank you for everything we take from it. Trees are in my opinion a resource that we take from that is wonderfully rewarding to help replenish and something that everyone can do.

Sadly, I haven't totally tapped into Million Trees LA yet. With the passion and dedication to plant one million new trees in the City of Los Angeles I hope to get the opportunity to plant several trees here in my new home. How can you not get excited about this sweet organization and what bringing a million trees to Los Angeles! Think about not only the beauty it will bring to the city but also what it will do for our cities air quality!!! Trees are so amazing :)  You can volunteer helping out and planting for more days than just Earth Day so I encourage you to check it out and get to planting and leaving an environmental legacy to the great city of Los Angeles!!!

Maybe you want a tree planted but hate getting your hands dirty...

Happy Planting! XOXO, KC

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