Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinned: Success or Fail? Mayo for Water Rings on Wood

The second post in our Pinned series, Sharon reviews what's working and what's not working for her on Pinterest.

This was one of the first pins I noticed on Pinterest and wondered if it had to be true. Mayonnaise as a way to remove water rings on wood? Makes sense. Essentially it’s eggs and oil, with a dash of lemon, vinegar and other spices. If you’ve ever done an at-home hair mask, these are typical ingredients, so it makes sense that this would be what would be good to rehydrate wood. Plus it's all organic materials, so that's better than buying some kind of chemical concoction.

You can see that there was a bit of damage. Also, I hadn't dusted. Sorry!

So, I followed the fairly easy instructions (here's the pin to check it out): put mayo on the affected area and let set overnight (I’ve also read everything from 15 minutes to a couple hours as well, but I think you need a couple hours at least on this one). The next day I used SEVERAL paper towels to mop it up and rub it into the table, which made for a nice shine on the table. You just need to really work to make it not so slimy.

If you are the kind of person that gags at the sight and smell of mayo, well then this one just isn’t for you at all! You’ve got to really spread the stuff around and of course smell it while it’s setting. The dog was going crazy!

After a few hours it's an oil slick.

Results: Pin Fail(ish)
Well, I have to give it a fail, though I think if you are having company over it’s a good way to spruce up your wood. Just do it with time to get the grease and smell off. Also, I might try doing it a couple more times. If you have “thirsty” wood it would probably be a good way to treat it, generally. I admit, it had been there awhile and when I researched it a bit more it says this really works best on fresh stains. I can see that.

This is after a couple of days and it had mostly reappeared. Better, but not brilliant.
I’m a little bummed that this is the second review for the blog that has been a “kinda fail.” But I have other pins that have been successes that I just haven’t reviewed here yet. Hopefully the next one will be more successful.

What about you? What pins have been a bust? Which ones have been a surprising success?

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