Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How-To: Making Wine Cork Stamps

Today's How-To is all about Making Wine Cork Stamps.  I like the versatility of the cork because it already is shaped like a hand stamp and is really easy to create and use.  Cork is a wonderful renewable resource too, so it is always exciting to cut down on the rubber or plastic used in other stamps.

Here is the breakdown above, and it is basically step by step with the pictures so I am going to just list it out today- 

SAVE CORKS+wash and clean, THEN mark with a permanent marker all the lines of what you want the printed area to stamp.
*** The tricky part that takes practice is slowly carving the cork away from the design with a detail (Smaller) X-acto blade ***

THEN YOUR READY TO STAMP :)  I like to stamp out the design and then Mod Podge
the design to the handle so I can organize them for later!

See how many different designs you can make and enjoy!

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