Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How-To: Utilizing Dryer Sheets

Last week I tested out a way to Utilize Dryer Sheets in projects to make a Stabilizer in my sewing projects.  I am still playing around with some variations of uses and what the pros and cons of using material more.  So far, I am super excited of all the possibilities... And, if you think of the sheer volume of dryer sheets people use- I would love to figure out a fun way to save them from being another reminder of our disposable country and what we see as pure trash. 

I have been testing out some coasters that required sew in interfacing...  And last week after laundry I thought; hmmmm, if I layered this it could be basically as thick as I want stabilizer. Then depending on the structure I could modify the layers of sheets I stack together for all ranges of results!!!!

Here's How to get Started:
STEP 1:  SAVE DRYER SHEETS.  I like the fact that just popping down to the laundry room in my building I could get some if I need them, OR I could put a collection basket and be doing Our Part in the building :)  

***(Some of my great friends who are already conscious of their products will be collecting the Seventh Generation sheets that come out more like paper and when we all save enough to test those out I will let you know on later post) ***

STEP 2: Layer Dryer Sheets together in a Stack:

This stack is eight (8) sheets tall- 

I aligned the sheets on one side, and pinned down it.  Then smoothed it out to the other-side and made sure more that it was flat than even on the edges.

I used my walking foot and picked a guide on it to follow.

If you don't have a walking foot, I strongly suggest one... here is an example:

 Using the walking foot I sew all the way down to the end.  Pull it  up slightly to give it room... then spin it around without backstitching or cutting threads.

Interfacing or stabilizer for sewing or other projects :)

Fabric wrapped around above interfacing

Pictures of both sides once stitched and a detail of stitching

For my sample I just satin stitched a circle in the size I wanted the finished coaster.

I would love to explore more ways to utilize and recycle these dryer sheets.  If you have any suggestions or what you could come up with with your dryer sheets let us know what you think!!!

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