Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Paper Decorations for UNIQUE LA

As you may or may not already know we try to feature a How-To or a Tutorial section on our blog on Tuesdays.  Todays segment is going to feature more behind the scenes as well as making a re-purposed staple for fun Eco-crafting.  

Here is the details on some pretty paper rosettes-

One treat I am really looking forward to for our UNIQUE LA display this Holiday season are these re-purposed paper rosettes we are making as part of our reused paper decorations.

We really love these Mrs. Meyer's Dryer Sheets. They smell super great and are biodegradable versus whatever dryer sheets are made of. Does anyone really know???  They smell super good and hold up as perforated dotted paper after used.  

I have realized my niche is re-using things.  I am pretty sure I would be classified as a "consumer" still. I just make most of my purchases with a unique set of requirements. I feel super smart about making decisions and purchases around how many times I can continue using "the raw product" of each item I purchase. This item especially is one product that excites me to use fully.

These sheets make a great decoration for their second life, and I have been collecting them for months getting ready to utilize them for decorations. At UNIQUE LA's 2010 Holiday Event we are going to deck the decor with these awesome Paper Rosettes made from these used dryer sheets.

Here is the basics.  You save the sheets.  Cut them in half where they are perforated so that one sheet is now two.  Then accordion fold the sheet lengthwise wide enough to accommodate the staple in the middle to bound.

  These bunches are super fun looking all together.  
I can't wait until they are all glued and expanded. They are going to be fantastic!!!
This picture kinda illustrates the finished stapled bunches as of now... I am sure we will collect some more and I will post a finished count for the ridiculous amount above soon. 
***Prize for the person who guesses the right amount of rosettes we have in our booth at UNIQUE LA***

Now we spread each side of the sheet to meet each other and hot glue together. And whala! Beautiful paper rosettes that are super fun and pretty.

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