Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How- To: Make Your Own Bottle-Cap Magnets

The How- To: Make Your Own Bottle-Cap Magnets

Today addresses the question we have been asking ourselves about the extra time it takes to prep recyclables for use in green projects in relation to the ease of buying supplies at the store...

One thing I like about Etsy and Ebay is that you can find some items that are second-hand or eco-friendly. There are some items however that we all think about- if this was out there I would totally buy it!  

All those items that haven't made it yet as a staple, we want to make them!!!  We have to prep our items in bulk and there are a ton of possibilities in our treasures we just want to know what you wish there was already ;)  One item that has been going steady in our Etsy shop are these Blank Make Your Own Bottle-Cap Magnets-

They come in a set of (20) and are an easy way to make recycled bottle cap magnets in a fraction of the time!

What you need to start is Bottle-Caps, Magnets, Glue, Magazines and other Paper Images (You can use found imagery if you want to keep up the re-using them or you can print out your own images to further personalize them.)

CUT out 1" Round Circles for inside the Bottle Cap.  I love pop-culture magnets with my ever changing TV Favorites (Usually I am seasons behind the "Regular Fans" since I don't have cable- BUT that's the beauty of Netflix :)  You can eye-ball and cut the images, trace the circles, or use a 1" Circle Punch found at any Arts and Craft Stores.

Use a glue stick, Mod Podge or your favorite adhesive to lightly coat the back of the image to tack in place on the inside of the magnet. Let Dry.

You can use a variety of Glues and Resins to Create the Top Coat of the Magnets. My best advise is to try a layer of your favorite adhesive to lightly coat the top of the image and see if you like the results when dry. Personally I do not use resin because I think it is overall icky, so I  endorse more environmentally friendly options.  There are thousands of different variations in finishes possible with different glues and resin.  Resin is very temperamental and all glues can dry different- testing will probably be necessary with all options.

You can purchase these 3D Epoxy Dome Bubble Lens Stickers from Etsy Seller auntchristys where you doubly save time and have bottle-cap magnets in no time!

FUN OPTION- Cut old Wine Corks to Create Mini-Cork Board that you can tack to and make a Hostess Gift for the next Wine Party You go too :)

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