Monday, August 9, 2010

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Getting back into the swing of things for the Marathon Week to Come- I got some awesome things at the Rose Bowl Flea Market to add to our displays at UNIQUE OC

This weekend I FINALLY got to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena!  They really live up to the slogan of THE ULTIMATE TREASURE HUNT and Shop where the "Celebrities" shop!  (I think its funny what are on promotional materials for things...)  We stayed for ~4hours and there was absolutely now way I think we could have seen everything even if we had been there all day long!!!

TOO bad I found these at the end of the visit!  Or that I have to put them aside until I know I can catch myself when on the way to busting my butt... Maybe I could have made it across the whole event in these sneaker skates :)

The GSN T.V. Network had a booth were they went to other vendor's tents and purchased items to flip and fix up. There were some cool ideas, but I didn't get too close of a look at the craftsmanship.

As much as I joke with Kevin that I am totally a TV head and he's King of the Movies- Soap Operas are not in my repetitious but this lady I guess is a big timer in the Soaps.

We have been planing on upgrading our phones to the new Evo since we are Sprint users. However I didn't load my SD card into my camera and our Buddy Isaac took these awesome pictures on his Iphone.  I really love these photo filters you can get an app for- hmmmmmmmm.


  1. I was there, too! So hot. Lots of sunburn.

    What did you get? We got there late and hurried to just make it around the whole thing. No purchases but the place is amazing. I'm thinking of getting a booth!

  2. Can't believe you made it all the way around!!! Did you bring the 'lil one? I got some fun racks that I plan to beef up my table display :)I will make sure to get some shots in action at Unique OC- And these snazy skate shoes that I am surprised fit my HUGE feet.

    You should totally get a booth!!! I would love to see it! Would you do treasures or your own stuff? Your photos are so awesome you really should get some "real estate" to show it off!

  3. A little discouraging, since I kind of planned my whole trip around being there on Sunday. What is the mix of new vs. old being sold here..
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