Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MAKE the most of your Craft Fair & Events

Renegade is next weekend in San Francisco and just two short weekends away for here in Los Angeles. Alas, we won't be vending at Renegade, but we will definitely be checking out the one in LA to support all of  the talented artists and our friends who will be there!

We know how hard it is as a handmade artist to pull together all the pieces for a big show.  Not only do you need your handmade inventory, but you need displays, banners, business cards, promotional materials/ freebies, as well as packaging for all your wares.  We created a round up of items you can customize and make your own to take your brand to the next level.

Put you own logo or image in some Bottle Cap Magnets and make customized magnets. This is a great place to highlighting your products, your logo/ info, or other themes that can reinforce your brand on the cheap.

Use Enclosure Envelopes to hold your business cards or if you give a discount on future purchases make it feel even more special in a fancy envelope. 

Upcycled Decorative Bows can be included in gift wrapping or as that special touch for your handmade goods.

These Tissue Roll Pillow Boxes are a great way to package small items.

Do you have old post cards from your business or previous events? Crop them and use them for these Magnetic Mini Note Pads that make a great freebie.

Have extra, larger paper scraps? You can make these Scrap Paper Books super easy and maybe even make a few bucks off them.  A fun idea is to make one for every event and you can jot notes as the weekend goes to record and keep your memories of all the fun.

Make your own Small Shopping Bags from upcycled air bubbles included as shipping packaging.

Sew some quick T-shirt Totes as a gift with purchase for your higher priced items.

Fill your visual space with some fun with Outdoor Party Lanterns and DIY Garland (using yarn and fabric scraps) and your booth will draw in the crowd.

We are all so happy for all the artists involved and participating at Renegade and we look forward to seeing what everyone is up to. Good luck with these last few days of hard work to come!


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