Monday, July 16, 2012

Made in L.A. at the Hammer

Thursday night I finally made it out to the Made in L.A. exhibit at the Hammer Museum. It's the first biennial for Los Angeles, which is about time because contrary to what some believe there is culture here (FYI, a biennial in the art world is an every other year showcase of the best in contemporary art). 

Not sure if this was a piece of art, but we had so much fun playing with these interlocking blocks. Definitely brought out the big kid in us!

The event features 60 Angelino artists who are up and coming and making their mark on the Los Angeles art scene. There's also art at exhibited at LAMAG and LA<>ART. There was good amount of the exhibit to see at the Hammer, along with the permanent collection, which was also open that evening.

Art is enjoyed best with adult beverages. Tasty sangria.

The Hammer usually does music in the summer, so I was excited to see the Allah-Las perform that night. I didn't know much about them, but they were pretty great. Very retro sound, with surf and Beatles-esque influences. They had a good following in the crowd and a great energy.

The Allah-Las ended with drummer Matt Correia singing us out.

If you can make it out to Made in L.A., I highly recommend one of the musical evenings at the Hammer. I think they go until mid-August, but their website also has a listing of all the events that goes along with this really cool exhibit which ends September 2. Support local artists doing cool stuff and also encourage more exhibits like this. Admission was free, but parking is $3.

Love and sunshine!

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