Friday, July 13, 2012

What I Wore: Friday 7/13/12

Another Friday the 13th?!? Jeez! I am not very superstitious when it comes to this "unlucky" day.  Let's hope it turns out luck is in our favor for Friday the 13th as I am about to head down to the Port for my third weekend at CRAFTED.  Poor Kevin didn't get home until close to 2AM last night. Both of our work schedules have really amped up so today I am going for an easy, casual look that I didn't have to fuss to hard to achieve.

This dress is one of my absolute favorites.  It has been photographed before so you may have seen me in this dress already but I think it is cute enough for a double take. It must be the little tie at the neck and the little cap sleeves with the gathers... They look so cute looking down at my neck and shoulders.

I am really obsessed with side hair braids at the moment and thought that would be my extra accessory to my outfit. What do you think? Hopefully I won't mess it up today because I think this is either try number 4 or number 5 to get it to lay right.  Definitely more time than I had hoped for my easy casual look but I am excited it all came together.  Maybe it will be a lucky braid. That's a thing right?

If you have any cool braiding tricks to share I would love to hear what works for you! Drop us a comment or post some pictures of your favorite braid.

Have a super weekend!

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