Thursday, July 12, 2012

Photo Frames - Washi Tape Makeover

Kevin and I are on a personal quest to finish our in-progress projects around the house. Things have been so hectic with "this goes to the port" "this for a to storage" "this goes to your studio" and "get this the heck outta here somehow" piles that a part of me feels like just getting rid of everything. For now, I am going room by room, going through mixed bags, unchecked boxes, and turning over uncovered hiding spots that may hold projects that need a few minutes of my attention. 

I came across these pictures which are actually from my college webcam back when Kevin and I were first dating. He is really fond of these pictures and I feel like the pictures and the frames they are in were the first thing to decorate our first apartment when I moved to LA. The frames have never been my favorite but they get the job done. They were stacked and ready to be hung when we moved but I think my hesitancy to hang them came from how sloppy they looked on the wall. The pictures are to small and they would slide around.

The cool think about Washi tape is it comes in so many colors and patterns that you are bound to find the perfect pairing for any project.  Also, it is very easy to use and on some materials it can even be pulled up and placed back down without damaging the bottom layer. With the paper showing inside the frame the Washi tape is a perfect way to completely change the look of the frame.

I used two different types of Washi tape that are slightly different colors but the same pattern. The darker one shown is in the middle if the photo arrangement. I thought it might be nice to pop that one up.

Close up on the two patterns.

These are kinda hard to photograph with out getting wickedly awkward reflections. Hopefully this will convey the point while I try to get a good shot to replace it.

Anyway, I hope this can inspire you to refresh something you want to toss with Washi tape :) It is always fun to have a "new" old thing to enjoy!


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