Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unique Find (and Review): Further

My current obsession-- Further products!

Locally sourced depleted vegetable oil is refined into biofuel (so amazing already) THEN the folks at Further take the pure glycerin byproduct to produce their exceptional product line.

Their story is just as wonderful as their unique fragrance. I am pretty addicted on this stuff on the wonderful fragrance alone. It smells fresh, clean, and the hook for me is it has more of a masculine scent.  I don't really like floral, or musky scents so I usually go for unscented.  Once I picked up a Further hand lotion at Unique LA's Holiday Show I couldn't imagine not getting to slather this delicious scented lotion on my skin. It is thick enough to feel helpful on soothing dry skin while smooth enough to not feel greasy or sticky.

We were lucky enough to have the dish soap and the hand soap sent home to test out for our review when I purchased a hand lotion at the last Unique LA Spring Show. I feel confident that I  have used everything enough to give a truthful review of my findings in case it is a product that you would enjoy too. Using the full product line is really wonderful if you like the scent. The fragrance holds strong, but doubling up the hand soap and the lotion is a home run!

When I was a teen I was obsessed with the sales at Bath and Body Works. I was that girl. As I got older I was either too broke to continue my habit or my taste had shifted to where I would spend more if I just found the right product (eco, thoughtful, smells good)-- I just was too broke to test everything out to find which one I loved. Whatever ratio and recipe Further came up with, they found the yummiest fragrance for their lotion that totally fits all my requirements for a forever favorite. The dish soap, which is available in person at events like Unique LA, smells so good it is actually pleasurable to do dishes! The price tag for the dish soap is a bit pricey for dish soap, but if I had a guest house or had a situation where the soap wasn't used too frequently this would be a perfect investment stocked in the kitchen. They would all be great housewarming gifts or a hostess gift for crashing at a friends place and saving them from using up all their products too! Overall, I think you would really enjoy adding some of this in your life if you like bergamot scent. And if you don't know if you like bergamot you should totally give it a try because it is awesome!!

Best part for us Culver City shoppers is their products are sold in my favorite retailer Ludeen's in downtown Culver. Another must to check out if you haven't already. It is like a Unique LA + Patchwork + CRAFTED in a small boutique just east of the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City!!!


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