Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How- To: Make a Scrap Paper Book

This is a late post... but I wanted to get off a Tutorial on Making a Scrap Paper Book made out of recycled boxes you can collect from food packaging and spare paper. This little book could hold your quick shopping  lists and things to remember.

Today I made wild rice pilaf and I thought that I would whip up a note book around the dimensions of the box. First I cut the box open-

Then once the box is open I cut the flaps off and kept two of the four sides in tact.

This left one side smaller than the other which I will use as a guide to make the closure flap. All you have to do is fold the extra section of card board over its self and you can add the string closure inside this crease to close.

The pages can be any size as long as it tucks into the "folder" you made with the cardboard.  You need to make them a smidge smaller in each direction to fit inside.  You can do as many pages as you'd like but only a handle will fit with the pamphlet stitch that is used  in this example.
Mark where you'd like the holes to be threw the book cover. (You will use these to mark the pages)

Poke the holes threw the cover and the pages. Start the stitching threw the middle hole and keep a tail out to have a section to knot.

Stitch from middle inside to outside corner- then up. Then back down threw the middle and repeat on other side.  This is a quick version of a pamphlet stitch which I loop over and make a knot on the outside to catch it before pulling it into the inside and tying it off in a square knot on the inside.
For this book I added a brad detail to loop the string around to close.  

FINISHED! Now enjoy!!!

For some other variations here are some examples That I made previously out of leftover paper:

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