Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How-To's Day: Make Small Enclosure Envelopes

Did you get an awesome calender for Christmas? I love page-a-day calenders of all different themes but it is always so sad when they are done!  Maybe you still have your 2010 Calender set aside because you can't part with it, or you just have some small scraps of paper that you'd like to utilize- Well here is a great project for you!

Here are the supplies you need: 
Scrap Paper (5.25" x 5.25"), Envelope Template, Pen or Pencil, Scissors & Glue Stick.
*optional Paper Backed Tape for sealing* 

Here is the envelope template I use.  I found an envelope I liked and traced around it on a scrap piece of cardboard box:

(Make sure for this smaller size that fits a business card the template is just under 5" wide and just over 5" long.)

How- To: Make Small Enclosure Envelopes

Step 1: Trace around envelope template

Step 2: Cut out paper where you traced the lines.

Step 3: Fold side flaps to the center.

Step 4: Fold up bottom and top flaps.
Step 5: Use glue stick to glue side flaps secure.
Step 6: Glue bottom flap up to center.

Step 7: OPTIONAL use a small strip of paper backed double-sided tape leaving one side of the paper on until your ready to secure the envelope shut.

You'll be hooked on making these once you test them out!!! They will fit a business card or equivalent size enclosure card and make a fun decorative way to utilize every last paper scrap!

Time to get back to work-

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