Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Romantic Save the Dates

Love is in the air this wonderful week.  I love Valentine's Day. Why should we just share the love on only one day?  I think we should celebrate the love all month long! Shoot, more like all 2011!!!
I was tickled to see that Alessandra and Paul were a featured couple in BIO Magazine's Love is Always in the Air Article!!! Since all I do is gush over their wedding plans, you have to read the article with their cute story! You can read the article here.

Their upcoming wedding and all the plans make me so happy.  Weddings are always so beautiful, and I know that their big day is going to be so lovely.  I feel like I have to mentally prepare for the awesomeness because I think I am going to be a emotional mess at their wedding!  I feel so blessed to be there in the beginning of their relationship and I am so happy that they found each other.  Their wedding will truly highlight their love between them- And considering their love for each other is truly heartwarming, it will be an affair to remember!

When listing a few words to set the tone their wedding Alessandra's wants:
Pretty, Elegant, with a Historic/ Vintage Flair

Here are some Elegant & Vintage Save-the-dates I found on Etsy inspired by Alessandra:


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