Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up & Coming Up this Week Oct. 24th-28th

Why Hello there :)  
Hope you are having a super day and y'all enjoyed the weekend- we sure did!  Kevin worked Saturday so I did too.  We squeezed a lot in to what time we had left so this weekend felt really productive.

In my what I wore Friday post I dropped a note about our karaoke night but didn't include this gem:
Yes. They are indeed singing Right Said Fred- I'm too sexy.  That totally happened.  For more details/what else went down- check the post here.

It felt like the end of summer here this weekend.  I was quite surprised how sunny and beautiful it was yesterday in LA. Over all we had a super weekend and I feel like we are making the most of what little time left there is in October.

One of the best things about working for yourself is being able to mix business with pleasure. I really enjoy going to find awesome vintage clothes and other cool things on the weekends. Sometimes there are a ton of items I want to collect and save for my personal collection and it helps to be able to wear multiple hats.  While other times I find tons of things that I look at thinking that someone in need could really use this, its just not for me or the business.  

Going to Jet Rag is definitely one of my addictions, and I recently figured out how to connect a need (homeless people who are cold during the winter) to a solution (provide them blankets and coats) while second-hand shopping :)

It hit me recently that searching for someone that is heading up initiatives that I see a need for- well, they may not exist because I am meant to pioneer them. Make Shop Live is working towards an effort helping the homeless on Skid Row keep warm this winter by collecting suitable jackets and warm blankets on our shopping excursions. 
*We could totally use any suggestions for names for this skid row project if anyone has ideas.
**Also, if you are in the LA area and have any warm clothes or jackets to donate we will gather those for the people too.

For our shopping trip yesterday Kevin and I met up with our friends from Maiden Voyage, Klara & Tyson,  at Jet Rag and we turned them onto the $1 SALE.  We had such a good time digging for treasure and trying on ridiculous outfits. We were able to get several jackets and hand crochet blankets to donate to people this winter yesterday so the adventure was also a success. 

After shopping we had brunch and met Klara and Tyson's new little rescued kitty who is super cute! We got a bag full of peppers and tomatoes from their garden and called it a day.  We were hoping to check out the Tim Burton exhibit at the LACMA, but it is crazy since the exhibit is about to close and I think we'll have a better chance not fighting for the tickets if I pick them up in advance.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the exhibit once we go.

For the tutorial/ project tomorrow, I think it is going to be a collection of Halloween projects I find online.  I am not too big on making things for Halloween myself.  I am pretty sure it's because I grew up on a street with no kids for the most part so trick-or-treating was a total drag and no one decorated anything.  Pretty depressing I know right??? I love when people are totally into it and I am a totally appreciator of the hard work that goes into costumes, its just not my thing. I did break my "not buying new things rule" to buy a cat costume from Petco... I think that is about the extent to my decorating/ Halloween enthusiasm.  

Christmas on the other hand, I want to start decorating for now! I have been working on a new twist to the circle garland. This one for the Holidays that is made from aluminum cans. This will be the main tutorial for November and I wanted to give you a sneak peek of how great this shinny, upcycled garland is so you can start collecting your aluminum cans for this project.

So, that is that ;) I am not sure if it is the weather getting colder or if it is because I am busy at the moment but my shoulder is killing! I am gonna run and ice it/ call it a night.

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