Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Even More 2nd-Hand Shopping

Yesterday, Alisa, Heather and I, went back to Jet Rag for the $1 Sale I blogged about last week.  You can check out last weeks post here. Whenever Alisa is in town from NYC we always hit up Jet Rag, but this was the first time she had ever witnessed the dollar sale. 

Wanna see the craziness unfold??? Alisa took this video shortly after they cracked open the bundles while everyone was scurrying around for clothes.

We all had a great time and got some super cute clothes which I can wait to get cleaned up and post some pictures of how I style things. I left with less than half as many items this week as I found last Sunday at Jet Rag.  Strangely that is one of the fun things about this sale, you never quite know what you'll find. What I found was totally amazing and we found a bunch of things that were perfect for Heather. I am thinking that I am going to try to post on Fridays vintage finds and/or a  what I wore section... At least this week since I have been crazy shopping.

After Jet Rag I had the most delicious vegan scramble at Swingers Restaurant! This was my first time eating the avocado toast and that was pretty F#$% tasty!!! I don't go up to West Hollywood too often to eat since there is such a wonderful variety of restaurants where I live in Culver City- but Swingers has great vegetarian and vegan options (this should be a whole separate post, but yay! I am going vegan again :) If I called it a themed restaurant I feel like that wouldn't encapsulate everything... basically it has a really great unique atmosphere that I enjoy going to with out-of-town guests. Bonus: it has really tasty and unique takes on some of your favorite diner classics use organic items as much as possible.

Following lunch we headed over to the Melrose Trading Post held at Farifax High School.  This is another Sunday thrifting  must! Over the 3 years since I have moved to LA, this market seems to have tripled!!! There is furniture, clothes, jewelry, artwork, original artwork and much more. Parking is FREE and it is a $2 dollar entrance fee. Included with admission is live music, food vendors, and real bathrooms :) 

I wasn't expecting to leave with more furniture, but Alisa and I came across this cabinet/ shelf  piece that I just had to have!!!

I like how there is a tool box style lid with a handle that flips up. It seems like it could have fit records in the top- I am not quite sure it's original use.  It is light enough that it could have been used as an equipment box for something since it is easy to carry it. There is a door that opens to two shelves at the bottom to where the storage capabilities of this thing are endless!
Cost: Under $50

Then today we continued the fun in Santa Monica where Alisa and I met Kevin for lunch. Afterward we shopped at the Goodwill on Santa Monica Blvd- which has crazy good designer finds, FYI.  

Satisfying the only part of our budget for the higher-end finds we went to Wasteland (There are several locations) where they sell the hottest modern, vintage and designer clothing.  I just found out under their "collecting" tab- they have a huge museum-esque private collection of vintage and designer clothing and accessories  you can rent for movies and special evens- I will have to put a pin in that one for sure!!!

Funny thing happened at Wasteland: I definitely had the girl behind me start talking to me and when I turned around it was totally Zosia Mamet looking back at me! Now you would think I would be totally cool at not embarrassing myself when I geek out over celebrities, but I was the biggest loser cliche today.  First thing, I just generally like things and will become the biggest cheerleader for it. Class superlative: I was definitely most school spirit, crazy to think but true.  

I seem to get totally emotionally engaged in characters and things I like- mind you, I love watching TV and movies while I craft so I go deep into a wide range of all types of media. Sometimes, after watching them I will never remember more that I really liked what I watched than anything memorable, and sometimes an actor will really get me into their part. 
So we were totally buying a ton of things (Alisa found a bunch of really cute things, me two items- checking out behind her...) and I can tell that there is someone behind me who would obviously benefit from them opening another line.  It obviously became apparent that they weren't and I could totally tell she was antsy. I wasn't surprised when she asked if there was anyway she could go next- totally nicely, I by no means want my story to relay this part as a rude request- I just was shocked when I saw it was  Zosia Mamet who had asked the question of me.  

Kevin and I have been catching up with some of my favorite TV programs Mad Men, and a recent movie favorite The Kids are Alright. In both, Mamet plays such a unique character that when I watched them around the same time she kinda stuck out to me as a new face to watch.  I like the characters in both of them- she hits a note that I can't really see anyone else accomplishing- quick witted and for lack of a better word sassy.  I kinda really think she was awesome as Peggy's friend (hmmmmm season four I believe, when they are in the new building.  She is a photographer that Peggy admires and when they hang out together Peggy is always carefree and wild) She intrigued me, I like that character a lot...
Then when we are watching The Kids are Alright and she is kinda the friend you wouldn't want your teenager to hangout with (Really strong influence on the main teenage daughter, overly sexual, kinda bossy) and P.S. She is the classic example of when actors/ actresses play the youthful roll perfect even if they really aren't teenagers- lucky! Needless to say I made several comments to Kevin about how good she played that role versus her other one and vise versa.

So naturally, I did the embarrassing "Oh it's you, I know you from somewhere bit" because my mind went blank and I couldn't place her but I loved her work.  She was super nice but nonchalant and didn't drop her "actor card" and I wasn't going to either I just tried to be nice while I tried to place her face to where I remembered her.  Since I didn't want to pry it killed me all day until dinner trying to remember what she was in.  I knew I had watched it recently, and I saw her in two recent things- other than that I knew nothing. I was at a complete loss until we were having dinner this evening and Kevin sparked my memory somehow.  Anyhow, she was super nice even though I was a total dork- so check out her work!  The Kids are Alright was super awesome and I suggest you just watch it on plain principle anyway if you haven't yet seen it.

Well, until next time- XOXO, KC

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