Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday Thrifting- Jet Rag $1 SALE

My favorite vintage clothing shop in LA is by far Jet Rag.  I feel like the prices are really reasonable, especially compared to  previous Brooklyn vintage shopping!  Bonus: They separate the clothing by decade and color which helps not get lost for hours in this huge store. FYI-Their organization got me to realize my go to favorite is '70's dresses.  

The store is always on my guests "must list" which helps me get my regular fixes.  I try to only go with friends to curb my excitement because each visit always seem to result in a exciting haul. Like for instance, I have huge feet (embarrassing I know) but I have been able to find several pairs of kick-ass boots for ~$30 or less on multiple occasions!!! 
All this is pale in comparison to being able to get some awesome finds for just $1.00 at their weekly yard sale.  Plus, each Sunday they unveil "mystery box inventory" which is the same stuff the store picks from but you have an opportunity to get it first at also just $1.00.

Coming to this sale is absolutely why the top of my list of why I love LA is yard sales & unbelievable vintage markets!  The $1.00 SALE at Jet Rag is definitely the icing on my cake pop. I am going to start sharing some of my favorite spots for those of you who are looking for a treasure hunt and this $1.00 sale is #1 for thrifty fashionistas.
Hipsters, homeless and every variation in-between all show up  :)
RAIN OR SHINE for the $1.00 SALE!  

If your idea of a good time consists of bringing back just about anything thrifted or vintage  after a full shopping day then Sunday is the day to do it and unfortunately between my shoulder and church commitments I hadn't gotten to go to the $1.00 sale as much as I'd like.  Now with my shoulder feeling better  I can finally rally up enough gustier to handle the sport behind the $1.00 sale.  Mostly, I needed to make sure I  could handle what the first round of new items entails because it is quite physical wrestling with mountains of clothes and competitive shoppers. Seriously, if I could handle watching while not getting first pick of potentially valuable fashion deals - I would video tape what this dollar sale is all about.  Heck, I was surprised that even these quick shots could get snapped so maybe I can figure out something the next time. 

Starting at 9AM you can come shop the sale items that are both left over from the week before with a mix of items they decided not to carry in the store. (Basically, they go through the clothes and find styles they like and they clean and process them inside so there are lots of great basics like shirts that get brought into the dollar sale) Everything is heaped into rows on the parking lot/ asphalt and you walk around collecting what you like digging amongst the piles and trying to beat people to things that catch your attention.

THEN, the real sport comes at 10:30 when they line up plastic wrapped, hay bundle sized,  compressed stacks of clothing all in a line and everyone gets prepped for vintage mania. I think I should start this story with the small fact that there is a community spirit to a degree around 3 rules that most regulars follow:

#1 you must wait until the guy cuts the last bundle and backs away or he'll scold you and the regulars will look at you funny. 

#2 Who ever gets to something first and gets it away or doesn't back down is entitled to potential ownership of said item. 

#3 Any pile by the walls with a blanket or otherwise large item draped over it or especially a huge laundry hamper style bin full of clothes is somebodies "claimed" items- and yes they want all of them.

The people closest to the bundles all have different strategies, but more frequently when chaos breaks out it seems like the rule is grab as much straight from the bundle, get it to your designated pile, sort and squirrel away as much as you can/ want.
Fun part: It is always a mystery what is inside! Usually included in the  wide range is: mens, womens, and kids clothes.  Heavy jackets (We totally found a vintage fur this weekend which was nice, but not our thing) table cloths, crochet afghans, costumes, wedding dresses, scarves/ belts/ hats/ etc. all for for just $1!!!! 

My oldest friend and talented fashion designer Kristin and I finally had a girls day yesterday at Jet Rag and it was a great day to go.  It got a little warm around lunch,  and there was a ton of people shopping.  Surprisingly, the assortment available was one of the best varieties  I have found to dress myself in, which is nice because you never know what sizes there will be.  Oddly, there was ah-zillion drop waist hammer pants right on trend (sorta) plus, there was a ton of jackets and crocheted blankets which isn't usually the case.

I hadn't been for a while because I like going with someone. If you are trying to make the most of it and either get a ton of items OR if you are looking for a particular theme/item: you should come in a pair to watch each others items.  Some people will look out for your pile if they want your leftover "no" items in exchange, but for the most part it is as competitive as those fights over cabbage patch dolls. One time, a group of us regulars stuck up for an old lady that this huge, lanky hipster that pegged her for an easy push-over and we weren't hearing it.  Later in the day he snatched something clear from my hands and celebrated.  To make it even better, he said to his buddies straight in front of me "I don't even want it, I just don't want her to have it." I suggest bring a friend if you are going to brace for the crazy or just skip the first wave, and show up at 11ish for equal exciting $1 items with less hassle. 
BTW, this towering cliche mind you was part of an "entourage" of  one of my least favorite "C" list Hollywood "Celebrities" so he was not going to let anything stand in his way of ironic t-shirts. Douche.

Jet Rag $1.00 SALE- EVERY Sunday, RAIN OR SHINE.  All items are $1.00 and there is also Soda/ Water available for $1.00 

Jet Rag: 825 N La Brea Ave, LA, CA 90038-3340 
NOTE: The metered spots are NOT FREE after 11AM.

Close by to make a full day of it: Pinks Hot Dogs, Frida's Tacos, Target (There is a BevMo and other places in with the Target) 

Kristin and I definitely filled her whole trunk with bags of loot from Jet Rag and then finished the day with lunch at Frida's with pedicures next door :)

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