Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

The Tuesday Tutorial Post is going to be replaced today with some highlights from our wedding. Tomorrow and possibly even all this week I am going to put together posts with pictures from our wedding and some tips I found along the way :)  Hope you enjoy!

Three years ago today, Kevin and I got married in my hometown, Raleigh, North Carolina.

This cake is the inspiration for the wedding and was the main part of our invitations I created for our wedding.  I made several versions before I came up with this appliqued and machine embroidered cake .  This color pallet originally started out of necessity because our reception site was floor to ceiling RED, bright red, and I really wanted a colorful wedding.  We chose red and turquoise as our wedding colors, however I made these cakes long before I picked the bridesmaid dresses or I would have brightened up the blues. Anyway,  I will talk more about this process in my handmade wedding post later this week.

When Kevin proposed just before Christmas '07 I was living in Brooklyn still.  I moved to LA in Feb. 2008 after we got engaged, and we got married in September '08.  Needless to say I was on a tight schedule, between moving and everyone living all over (Kevin's family is from outside of Dallas, TX) some wedding plans and decisions were made out of pure necessity.  It wasn't until our big day was done and I was home from the honeymoon that it even clicked what things to even do for a wedding.  I had two girlfriends get married before me, but for the most part within our circle of friends we were one of the first weddings. I didn't really have any insights and was all over the place in my vision, but once I took a step back and soaked everything up it made me kinda wedding crazy! There are just endless combination of all kinds of themes/ decorations that if I could get remarried to Kevin a million times over I would.  For now, I am into bringing my insights and tips to my friends, and you too.  Everyone deserves to make their big days as wonderful as they could ever dream it to be.

It has been so nice preparing for this post today.  I have been transferring the bulk of my wedding pictures off my external hard drive onto my new desktop, and I had no idea about some of the pictures I found! I was totally pleased at some shots that either I overlooked before or my style has just changed enough for me to see pictures different.  Whatever it is, I have been engulfed in all these pictures today.  Maybe it is that we only printed off a limited amount in the album we have so I feel like I have seen the same ones over and over too... Anyway, it is so nice going back over them and seeing all of our friends and family with us. Gosh, I love everyone so much it is just an emotional pat on the back to think of everyone coming out to celebrate us!!!! How did we get so lucky :)

Kevin, thanks for joining me on this crazy journey. I love you so much and I am so lucky to have you as a best friend and partner in everything- you are my rock.

Thanks for everyone for coming to our big day and celebrating our love with us!!! Every year  it is so nice being able to reflect on how special everyone is to me. I care deeply for each and everyone of the relationships I have been blessed to be a part of.  XOXO, KC

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