Thursday, August 2, 2012

4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair LA - Recap and Haul

The Renegade Craft Fair returned to the Los Angeles State Historic Park last weekend (7/28-7/29) and I took a break from my market stall at CRAFTED to head to Chinatown to check out this years festival. As always it is free to attend with no parking or other fees proving to make this an event to put on your list of cool free things to do on the weekend.

I jokingly tell everyone that SHOP. is in our name for a reason! I LOVE, love, love supporting handmade artists and crafters. Lots of times I buy things for gifts but sometimes I can't help to buy stuff to indulge in myself.  I scooped up my fair share of great stuff this year, here are my highlights:

Major Haul! Everything from a new dress pattern to sew myself something awesome to rubber stamps that are hand-carved for me to stamp TERRIBLE! (humorously) on things. Items from Christine Haynes, Lets Be Friends, Yes & Yes Designs, Clean Getaway Soap Co., We Love Citrus, i wish i had a penguin friend, Enchanted Leaves, Cheltenham Road, and Paper Pastries.

Looks like I wasn't the only one to break away from CRAFTED...


Kelso Doesn't Dance

I first met Jennifer of Merrily Yours last Summer at the 3rd Annual Renegade show.  I couldn't resist her Narwhal Herd and purchased it from her on the spot! Every night and every morning I get to look on it and smile when I look across my bedroom from my bed.  I got blessed with the pleasure of showing next to her at this past Patchwork Culver City show and I am just obsessed with her work. SERIOUSLY, I am obsessed! Check her work out!!! Merrily Yours here.

If you sew and haven't come across anything by Christine Haynes then you are missing out on something awesome! I met Christine at the Craftcation Conference in Ventura this past spring and we made jam together ;) Gush! Anyway, back to why she is a seamstresses dream is she is one of a handful of independent pattern makers. Along with her patterns and online classes for Craftsy she has a fabulous book with patterns for 20 projects that make sewing tangible and easy for even the beginning sewer.  

Christine Haynes

Also one of my new pals from the Craftcation Conference who traveled all the way from Tucson, AZ for both the conference and Renegade is Lindsey from Clean Getaway Soap Co. I really like their product line.  There is humor, the names are awesome, and the scents are delicious!

Clean Getaway Soap Co.

Enchanted Leaves

Here are some of my new favorite Artists who showed this year:

Yes & Yes Designs

Lets Be Friends

I will be going through my pictures so if I snapped some pictures with you and you don't see them here, I will hopefully be rounding them up soon.  Some of my pictures came out weird because it was so bright and then dark inside the tents in the shade - My amateur photography skills are still a work-in-progress ;)  I had a wonderful time at the Renegade Craft Fair and can't wait until the Holidays when the show returns to Los Angeles


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