Thursday, June 14, 2012

Patchwork Culver City Spring 2012 Wrap-Up

We had such a wonderful time last Sunday at Patchwork's Culver City Spring 2012 show. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the show and stopped by to say "hello"!

We were able to break away and snap some pictures of the fun.  Here are some of our friends that will be at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles with us in our soon to open, permanent home :) 

Cake Bar 

Cake Bar is always so yummy I can't keep myself away! Grace is a real treat and I am not sure which one is sweeter, her or her boozy desserts.  I think I have almost tried the whole menu. Hopefully I will have them all tested by summers end :)


My favorite take home is this FAB pearl ring from Fruition. It makes me smile every time I look down at it!

Kelso Doesn't Dance

Kelsey is so ridiculously talented that I could go on FOREVER on why she inspires me.  My main favorite in her unique display that is a must see - the card catalog table cover shown above. All of her handmade displays are as fabulous as her actual products. Can you say Ah-Mazing?!?

Pooka Queen
Amazing, Avant-garde hats. Each one is sewn by hand and has its own unique form. These fun accessories definitely are a statement piece!

Lucky us, our booth was right next to Merrily Yours since A) I am obsessed with Jen and her artwork & B) Merrily Yours will not be at CRAFTED where I can get my fill of her awesome-ness weekly. I purchased a Narwhal Herd Textile Art last summer at the Renegade Craft Fair and it has fueled my obsession for her artwork. Miss Gypsy scored one of Jen's amazing felt cat bows. I couldn't resist grabbing one up for my fluffy lady :) 

We met at CAFAM's Etsy Craft Nights a few months back and I was totally blown away when I saw all of her wonderful plush friends in person. The level of detail on each piece is awe inspiring. She has a real gift!

Bird and Feather

Modern and fun twist on all types of terrariums. I especially liked the illustrations to show the pricing for each different product. Super cute!!!

Sweet Perversion
With a motto "Goods made with bourbon and love" how can you not fall in love with their quaintly crass greetings, sweet stationery and printed goodness.

I really, really, REALLY love these displays they made to shelve their products. Definitely something for us to keep in mind as display inspiration.

And last, but not least-
Hallo Jak!

This is the second show we had the pleasure of being next to the talented sisters of Hallo Jak and they never cease to amaze us. Their products are upcycled and eclectic just like we like it ;)

Overall it was a super great time! We can't wait until the next Patchwork Show!!!

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