Friday, June 15, 2012

Day Trip - Keys Creek Lavender Farm

Last year around this time I found out about Keys Creek Lavender Farm but was unable to make it down before the season ended. Sharon and I made a pact that we would go this year for sure!

They have more than two dozen varieties of lavender on the farm. Each variety typically blooms at different times from May into July, however the largest field blooms mid June. The weather plays a part in timing so they say any time during May and June is a great time to visit. With a few more weekends left where the lavender is is bloom this is a great weekend adventure to add to the mix if you are looking for something to do.

They offer free "Walk 'n Talk" tours in May and June on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only at 10:30 and 1:30. Also, they have an English High Tea on the weekend. We went on a week day so I can't express how yummy the tea must be, but on my next visit I am trying out the tea for sure!

They have distillery on site and a wonderful gift shop where you can buy all kinds of lavender goodies.  I made sure to bring home a half-pound bag of lavender bulbs for upcoming craft projects :)

The farm has a TON of pollinators, but not to worry they are way more interested in the lavender and don't seem to notice anything but the flowers.

We made sure to get their specific directions on how to get to the farm from their website here. The grounds don't get the best cell phone service and GPS directions tend to not be the best at navigating to the farm.

Make sure to wear some sunscreen and a hat. Also a suggestion - save your appetite to re-fuel at the Yellow Deli just down the road from the farm. We had lunch there (and no embellishment needed) we had the most amazing meal at the Yellow Deli. Seriously they have this sourdough bread that I am still thinking about...

Enjoy and have a fun trip!!!


  1. I think it should be a yearly excursion ;) So beautiful!!!


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