Monday, January 30, 2012

Coming Up this Week Jan. 30th- Feb. 5th

It's almost February! Where has the time gone???

Check out this cool cat I found thrift shopping! At first I thought I would have to repaint it because this is the condition it is after scrubbing it intensely. I think she had the misfortune of living with a smoker- it was really grimy. A total score!


Want another way to use up the hearts from last week?

With a simple Xyron Sticker maker you can make quick and easy stickers to adorn on just about anything.  
Here is another take on the hearts & the coffee sleeves to get ready for Valentine's Day-

All you have to do is slide your soon to be sticker into the slot and then gently rub the plastic top sheet. The picture above shows once you pull of the top sheet to get the stickers :)

How fun are stickers! If I ever in conversation found out someone strongly hated stickers I would give them a thumbs down and say they must hate smiling too?!? The only thing better than stickers is making stickers! 

I am still toying with what tutorial will be featured tomorrow... Guess you will have to stay tuned for that! 
Also, the rest of the week is devoted to making our Valentine's Day inventory for the Local Love show Feb 11th & 12th as well as some handmade seeded paper for the EcoEtsy Team (More details on this to come) which has a similar time frame.  I will be posting short findings and updates, but for the most part I will be working up a storm here in the studio.

Hope you have a wonderful end of January!  

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