Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I Wore- Friday 1/27/2012 Ladies Night: BURBANK

Tonight I am off to Burbank to check out Ladies Night with my pal Dena of Freckled Pancakes and meet her sister finally too.  I am hoping to stop by the Mindful Nest and eat from some amazing food carts.  
*update- I did both! Ran into a new friend from last weeks Church of Craft Meeting in Mindful Nest which was surprising, AND I finally ate from the Grilled Cheese Truck!!! Such a great time!

I went for white! I almost NEVER wear white but the weather has been wonderful and I just felt like it was needed to finally pull out this white dress I found Jet Rag shopping. It has these faint black polka dots that make it a fun pairing with all my black accessories.
Cut to a Saturday recap since yesterday got to crazy to finish the post:
While driving towards downtown to get to Burbank I was making super time. Then from downtown to the 5 hwy I sat for 45 min! When LA traffic kicks your butt it also spits on you and laughs while you are down. But then at least it will give you a smile while stuck in a prison of automobiles-

Only in LA would I be beside a PINK "Royalty Ambulance". What does that even mean you think? I joked with everyone that it would be hilarious if it was for those pregnant in heels ladies & husbands with champagne. Whatever it is special for was fun to day dream while jamming out in my pretty much parked car.

BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!! I had a ton of fun and I didn't put 2 and 2 together & realized I knew Dena's sister and brother-in-law from SCAD. Our little SCAD community out here never ceases to amaze and impress me :)

Oh, I failed to mention my favorite touch to my outfit! These adorable owl earrings Sharon gave me for Christmas was the best touch to turn any outfit into a real hoot! (Yes, I did just do that. You secretly love that I went there!)

Hope your last January Weekend is a real hoot too!

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