Friday, December 9, 2011

What I Wore- Friday 12/09/11

Hi guys! During this time of the year when everyone gets sick usually I can skate by and miss the general yuck.  What I miss in flu season my lady migraines make up for, for sure- but this week has been kicking my butt. At first I thought I maybe coming down with the Flu after exhausting myself planning on UNIQUE LA, but thankfully that wasn't the case.  The unfortunate thing that happened instead was that I got a sinus infection.  I think I have had sinus infections before, but I either didn't realize what it was or it wasn't bad enough to bother me.  This morning however was horrible and when I was able to get to the doctor I found out that I had a migraine on top of sinus infection :( No Buenos. 

Tomorrow I am hosting a Christmas Craft Party Extravaganza at our place and between cleaning/ prepping for that and working on the last batch of Reinbeers, I have been neglecting posting pictures to the blog. They are on Flickr however so if you are needing a fix on the updates or if you need the pictures grab them there :) I will be working through the Holidays getting things labeled and posted.

This dress was everyone's favorite of my Top Shop shopping trip in NYC back in May.  Read more about other outfits from this trip here. Kevin loves yellow, and everyone (the shop girls + Alisa) had nothing but nice things to say about how I looked in this dress and I am glad I listened to them and purchased it.  
When I feel crappy it really makes me happy.  I love how colorful and playful it is.  Plus it is super comfy for working around the house. 
I am obsessed with BOWS! These little shoes are my favorite black flats right now.  Wanna see more bow inspirations check out our Bow board on Pinterest.
I love this cummerbund that I found one of my first trips to Jet Rag.  There was one batch of clothes that took me back to chorus in middle school- We wore black pants, white button up shirts and a red cummerbund. The batch at Jet Rag must have been for people with similar uniforms only the base is black and there was pink, purple, and green motifs- way better than plan 'ol red. I have been waiting for an opportunity to rock out and make the cummerbund a statement piece and I really like mixing patterns when something is this busy. Maybe I can work it into a holiday party outfit... hmmmm. Jeez, no I am trailing trying to think of what I'll be wearing all holidays- I really need to get on making some outfits.  I love dressing all fun over the holidays!!! What is your favorite thing to add to your wardrobe? Or your favorite theme to dress up over the holidays? 
I would love to hear what your favorites are :)

Well, off to get some rest before a busy day! Best wishes to everyone and have a super weekend!

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