Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up TEASER

 Thanks for everyone who came out to UNIQUE LA this weekend!!! 

We had the most wonderful weekend and really enjoyed this year's show. I am going to post my first "haul video" of items I purchased so stay tuned for videos and more details.

I have been uploading pictures Kevin took with the slr onto our Flickr Page and I have to dump my point and shoot/ cell phone tomorrow. I had an exhausting day of regrouping, moving and organizing today and I still have some things hidden from myself :/  I can't hardly keep my eyes open which isn't helpful when I so badly want to add all kinds of updates. Things are swimming today! But if I walk downstairs one more time I don't think I am coming back up. So sleepy!
I have had a ton of inquires about the PBR Reinbeers so it looks like I need to make another batch of those suckers before its too late to ship for Christmas, but that is honestly the tip of the iceberg...
I must go to bed before I work myself up-

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