Friday, December 2, 2011

What I Wore- Friday 12/02/11

My wardrobe today was all about function and comfort.  Kevin has taken time off to help me set up for UNIQUE LA today and even with the help I need to be mindful of moving around and setting up so I don't have a fashion emergency.

This dress was bought new- gifted by my friend Alisa for my Birthday.  When I was in NYC in May I was very, very excited to go to Topshop! It had opened just after I left the city and when I heard the description of the store I really was bummed that I left before I could check it out. Everyone, EVERYONE thought this dress looked horrible on me and convinced me not to buy it.  I can understand why they didn't like it- but their reasons were pretty much why I loved it!!! It is really big and ill-fitting but with a belt I think it works just fine.  I believe this dress is a 6-  a super big 6! That was another reason I loved it- LOL. I am OBSESSED with black and grey leopard print, so the pattern alone screamed "KC wear me around LA please!" and It is a great length even with out leggings.  

The outfit wouldn't be complete with out my hable construction apron!  I am so glad I got this lilly pad work apron when I was interning with hable because it is my favorite utilitarian item to keep all my items close at hand when I am working.

Below must be why I love the black and grey leopard print:
It is a picture of me and my Momma- her love of leopard must have been passed to me <3 

Big thanks Alisa for being such a good friend to get me something I love even if I am delusional in loving it ;) You're the best!


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  1. It's cute! Can't wait to see it in person. :)


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