Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How-To's Day: Fabulous Fabric BOWS

This past Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of hosting our first annual Christmas Craft Party. Personally, I think it was a huge success! For the layout of my apartment it felt huge, but we had a small group of crafters over and amongst the evening's projects were these simple fabric bows that can be uses as embellishments to necklaces, hair clips, pins, and many more ideas.

I will illustrate the project, then include some pictures taken Saturday at the party.

For this project you need fabric pieces at least 12" X 6" Thus, making Fat Quarters & Scraps perfect for this project. 
*Thread in matching colors. 
*A crochet hook or other tool for flipping fabric.  
*Long Hair Clip and/or Necklace Chain. Scrap paper at least 12" X 6" for pattern pieces.

I like to cut patterns from graph paper or old boxes to use as templates. For the main rectangle you need a 6" L x 9" W : rectangle and a 4.5" L x 2 3/4" W smaller rectangle.

Cut two pieces of fabric (For a twist you can use two different types of fabric for the bow) 

I will be doing the break down for the necklace first...

First take the small strip and fold it together lengthwise, right sides together. Using the outside edge of your presser foot as a guide- line it up with the cut edge of the tab. Sew a straight line down the tab making sure to backstitch at the top and bottom to hold the stitching in place:

Once the stitching is finished you can use a crochet hook or other turning tools to flip the tab  to the right side of the fabric:

For the main section of the bow...
Fold right sides together width wise (Fold in the middle of the 9" section) and sew down from the top in 2 parts leaving a hole in the middle. Make sure to backstitch at the top and bottom of each section so it is reinforced for the flip.  *This will be the hole we use to flip the bow to the right side.

The thread was kinda light so I went over it in Photoshop to illustrate the finished stitching...

"Open" and re-fold so that the stitching is across the middle. Stitch down both edges closing everything up. (Do I need to emphasize backstitching again or do you know its implied by now- lol)

Now you should have a flipped tab and a sewn bow piece-
 Flip the main bow piece to the right side of the fabric threw the hole you left in the middle:

***Iron and press both pieces.
Slightly fold the bow piece into the back where the hole is to create the fullness in the bow:

There is two ways to connect the bow- You can take the tab and stitch it together with the machine or you can whip stitch it closed by hand. The Necklace chain slips into the tab either way so feel free to do it any way you choose.  I like whip stitching it because you can get it super snug and secure so your bow doesn't get uneven.

*Note: The chain I used pictured above was 19" in length.  Personally I don't like my necklaces too long so this length is perfect in my opinion.  If you would like it longer or smaller- go for it! that's the beauty of making things :)

Above is whip stitching it closed...

 YAY! A great way to use fabric scraps to make these awesome necklaces!!!!

 The hair clip is the same bow, except you secure and wrap the tab around a hair clip...

Get the sewing steps finished and everything flipped.  Then make sure to press the wrinkles out (this is pre-pressed)

When sewing the tab wrap over the top layer of the hair clip and secure:

Tah-Dah! A bow for your hair :)

Here are some fun pics snapped of people's projects:
When Kristin isn't making bows she is busy being a finalist in ModCloth's Make The Cut Competition! Please take a second to show her your support here (Voting is daily through Dec. 16th)

Most people made a necklace and a hair bow:

There was wreath making and ornament folding + decorating too!

Everyone chipped in during the party to help make these Etsy ornaments for west elm's new Beverly Blvd. Location.  This tree will be donated this Christmas + since the power was off and we had to move the craft demo to Santa Monica all the ornaments we made that night went on the tree for the Boys & Girls club. We made sure that the tree got tricked out with ornaments made at the party so that The Center can have an awesome tree too :)

Ladies who I was unable to get a picture of your projects, please send them my way! It got so crazy busy making bows- the pictures got away from me :( Next time I will have to get Kevin to document the event!

Hope you can have a Wonderful Handmade Holidays too this Season! It's SEW Wonderful!!!

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