Saturday, December 17, 2011

What I Wore- Friday 12/16/11

Yes, if the time for this post is coming up, it is correct.  It is almost 4AM in the morning and it has been very busy over here getting everything in order for the holidays.  I was able to break free for dinner and some fun "Today" (Since I guess it is technically Saturday now- I am actually talking about yesterday...) with our newly engaged friends! Yay for LOVE!!! Here I am at their place after dinner-

I wore this outfit because it finally got cold today and we walked across the street to Downtown Culver City.  This was a totally great idea until after dinner we all did a surprise round of Just Dance 3 and I was seriously shvitzing in the polyester! I have been wanting a Wii mostly after seeing all the Just Dance commercials and it was amazing getting to test it out. Thank goodness I can actually do a fist-pump & throw my right arm in the air!!! The things we take for granted.... Oh, and for the record- I really suck at the game and was last every song :( But it was super awesome!!! It's kinda like a full body guitar hero (which is my favorite video game to get into/ play) I feel like I could get the hang of the dance game and do better with some good exercise and practice.

Well, crawling into bed is a must-

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