Thursday, August 11, 2011

Working on- Address Books and Stamps

Yesterday I finally got to a good place with some new address books as shown below.  Since most of the address subscription cards have all the address blanks in different places each page has to be cut individually.  For more details, check out this spotlight here.

I was hoping to shoot off a post yesterday, but it was such a wonderfully busy day and the time just got away from me :(  I love productive days! I feel like this week has been refreshing and rewarding- Halleluiah!!! Best of all the weather has been amazing too :)

Today I got sucked into doing a task that had to be done eventually but was definitely not helping lighten my to-do list.  I am so thankful for all the great stamps people collect for me! Sometimes I let them pile up so I tidied them up  for what seemed like eternity today.  I sorted a whole bunch of stamps with cool postal marks and awesome pictures  to scan soon.  A good portion of the rest I trimmed down and put in a jar. 

Why does collections of things look so good in glass jars??? 

Since it takes a good bit of time to soak the stamps I need everything to look super sleek and contained.  Fingers crossed for gift certificates to the container store for my birthday- But, if not/ my advice is just collect awesome jars from pickles and olives :) Back to the point with the stamps, I love them! And I am super pumped to get some projects using my lovely bounty soon.  Here is a past post with more stories on stamps...

Hmm... Oh yeah, I set up the PC finally yesterday!!! Yippee! I am so excited for the technology overload :) Hopefully everyone is having as much progress and success as I am so far this week!!!


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