Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Case Closed- Now let's get the week started!

 (Super cute shirt Kevin got me as an early surprise :) 
I am happy to report that yesterday I got everything settled and taken care of with my work comp :)  Best part; I will have my broken wing covered for life!!! Now-a-days healthcare is so confusing and complicated that the piece of mind to have less of a hassle down the road is unburdening. Plus, after over 2 years and 3 months to finally be "unstuck" is a super great feeling right before my birthday!!!

So, that was all the upsides, the downside was that I was at the hearing all day. The day got away from me yesterday. I knew that it could take some time- but I still stacked a to-do list that at this point will have to rollover into when I get back.  I just wanted to shoot off a quick update before I have to start packing.  

Fingers crossed that there is no drama at the airport. I am not sure when I will post next... but I am hoping to keep up with my computer time while on the East Coast.


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