Monday, August 22, 2011

Yay! Happy Birthday to Me :)

Look at this amazing cake my Uncle brought for my Grandparents celebration.  I was super happy to be a part of the celebration as well ;) Gotta love summer birthdays and this awesome margarita cake! Kevin and I were just talking about how amazingly tasty our wedding cake from Blue Moon Bakery- and it was a pleasant surprise that that was what we feasted on for our Birthdays!
My step-dad just switched the pool to salt water and the pool looks beautiful!!! Why on earth can't this be closer- I would kill for a place like this for us to relax in all summer.  Considering this huge house with this beautiful pool's mortgage was under half the price of rent in Los Angeles :( I wish we could live in the outskirts of Raleigh, NC!

We went to go see Cowboys & Aliens at the Regal theater North Hills- I really enjoyed it! I had heard a bit of naysayers thinking it looked cheesy or stupid, but I thought the opposite.  The story was quite better than I expected and I would suggest/ recommend it over Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  When we came out of the movie I was pleasantly surprised to walk out to the band Liquid Pleasure performing as a part of the Midtown Music Concert Series.  You can check out more events and details on the Midtown Music Concert Series HERE. Getting to enjoy a live playing of "Carolina Girls" was almost as sweet as that margarita frosting ;)

Later that night I got my wish of FINALLY bowling :)  There was super light balls so I was able to finally try my hand at bowling again.  My dad and I would always bowl together growing up and the highlight of celebrating my birthday with a nice dinner out and bowling- Finally beating my dad at a round of bowling!!! YES!!!
Sparians is a really cool bowling concept in the new section of all the development/ the "new" North Hills.  Right around the time I went to college the Kane's who own and develop all the property in that area started development on an amazing mall/ community with awesome amenities.  For instance- the bowling alley meets bar/club Sparians.  It feels super trendy with the valet parking, couches lining the lanes, and special things like live music by the bar on the night we went.  *Double Bonus* we went on a Thursday which is Ladies night which includes 1/2 off bowling after 9PM.  The waitstaff will even serve food at the lane, and for something more private they even have a secluded area you can reserve.  I don't think it is really for serious bowlers- during peak times they will only have you play two rounds at a time.

Well, that is a good wrap-up of my Birthday celebrations... I need to finish up the post before my mom gets me.  There is no wireless at my Step-Dad's and even worse my Mom doesn't even have internet. Hah! Oh country living :)

I hope that everyone has a super week and I will keep updating when I can get on the computer again.


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