Friday, August 26, 2011

Places I Love in Raleigh, NC

I wish getting back and forth from Raleigh, NC wasn't such a big trip.  By the time air travel finally gets me back to Los Angeles I have lost the zen I found in the South.  It was so nice last week when I got out of the airport in Raleigh! There was little traffic, the cops were on segways, there was green everywhere the eye scanned- and a nice lady on a bench had conversation with me just because! Compared to LAX, RDU is one of the most charming and enjoyable airports EVER!

For my friends that attended Kevin and I's wedding in 2008 I wanted to show what has cropped up at Highland United Methodist Church where we were wed almost 3 years ago.  They took over the far corner past the parking lot and turned it into a beautiful Victory Garden.

You can see the church steeple in the top left corner. The church sits on the corner of a beautiful huge lot which is surrounded with lots of amazing scenery and trees.
 There is even a box for great composting to continue the full cycle within the garden :)

If you ask my mom what her favorite thing about summer in North Carolina, she would say it isn't the humidity! All day, she points out the Crape Myrtles everywhere :) Usually they range in this lovely pink, but they sometimes the bloom in white as well.  Here are some pictures of the trees in my Step Dad's yard-

Most important tip is where to go for a fantastic dinner. Looking for some inspiration to feel good about yourself after eating too much tasty seafood???
42nd St. Oyster Bar in Raleigh is so delicious- A must for seafood lovers!!! Best bonus, the bathrooms are hilarious and have the most amazing salt scrub to not only tell you that your fabulous but make you feel that way too :)

Well, I could gush more about things I like... but alas there is work to be done to get our place ready for a party tomorrow :) 

I hope everyone has a SUPER weekend!!!

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