Friday, September 2, 2011

Bottle Cap Pin Cushion Rings

 Our bottle cap pin cushion rings have been a huge hit- YAY!

We create each one in small, limited run batches out of scrap, salvaged, and saved fabric.  The hidden gem is the recycled bottle caps that are used as the base- key to keeping your fingers prick free ;)  This style is good for projects that are small in detail and is ideal for the artisan who wants an alternative to the wrist or other pincushions.

Each one varies slightly- mostly due to fabric availability and the type of bottle cap used as the base.  Besides those unique attributes, there are two types of rings as shown above.  One is a more chunky, bubble shape (shown on left).  The second style is more of a petal with the feel of a classic tomato pin cushion that is tiny on your finger (shown on right).

 Great as a fashionable chunky fabric ring too!

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