Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Philatelists wanted

Been thinking deeply about stamp collecting lately. Sometimes as I am saving the homogenized "forever stamp" and I think about how sad it will be if good 'ol fashioned mail gets lost over the course of time. The nostalgia, dedication and patience it takes to save and collect stamps is something I don't even feel today is possible.

I didn't realize that stamp collectors are called Philatelists for Philately the study of stamps. It makes you wonder if one day there will be consepts lost or even re-named in our vocabulary just for something falling out of popularity. Well, I hope stamps have a revival because I think it is one of my favorite collecting hobbies and I hope to learn even more about the rich history behind Philately.

SO I Will be talking about this concept a lot since I am feeling pretty pumped about the subject- But today will all about Collecting and Removing Stamps :)
Check the next post for details.

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